• A production supplier that speaks your language and is open to your needs
  • Years of experience, with a depth of knowledge to develop formed parts to your requirements
  • Cost effective production processes
  • Ever improving technology and machinery
  • Great depth and understanding of automation
  • Focused, skilled, and experienced employees
  • Downstream processing and assembly production as required
  • Quality and innovation-driven to find solutions for over four decades
  • Continuous improvement as a part of every day operations
  • Presses with a capacity up to 1,800 tons with a max bed size of 66” x 312”
  • Robotic weld cells and 5-axis machining centers

We take on your requirements and concepts, blend them with our own ideas, and turn them into the ideal components for your needs. Utilizing proven practices to improve processes, we are constantly developing better solutions to optimize design and function, reducing weight, and utilizing stronger materials if required - all while driving the end cost downward.


Complex projects require effective project management. That is why our customers have a single point of contact who supports you from the development phase through the start of production and beyond. They remove all of the road blocks to ensure that the project proceeds quickly and on schedule. 

  • AIAG: APQP - Advanced Product Quality Planning
  • PLM - Product Life Cycle Management
  • Manufacturing feasibility analysis
  • Prototype construction
  • Functional testing of the parts by the customer
  • Concurrent engineering
  • Continuously optimized processes

As opportunities arise. Program Management will assemble a cross functional team to address any issues and resolve them in a timely fashion - bringing a cost effective solution to each and every issue.