As we approach five decades of building a world-class operation, the only certainty is that we are still improving, changing, and growing at every turn. Our growth and drive to expand our services has allowed our business that started as a tool and die company to become a world leader in value added assemblies. The support of our automation, a wide range of presses and equipment, it was only natural.

Janney Road Campus

  • Sales offices
  • Engineering offices
  • Product development
  • Tool development
  • Friction material production

Heid Avenue Campus

  • Corporate administrative offices
  • Manufacturing low to high volume
  • Powertrain assemblies
  • Welded assemblies
  • Synchronizer production


200,000 plus square feet allows us to comfortably produce in excess of one million components each and every month. Various robotic welding processes and cell configurations exist at Select. Our configurations range from structures as small as 50mm to larger versions over 1500mm in length. Dial location, fixed and trunnion type cells allow maximum flexibility. Resistance welding from single point to multi head applications, manual and automated, support simpler requirements and support other assembly processes. Tog-L-Lock riveting of assembly, while not as popular as welding, offers true saving in todays competitive automotive industry. Our strong background in assembly help develop our expertise in Dynamic Balancing when precision must be applied. Support equipment washing systems and vibratory deburring insure turn-key programs come off without a hitch. Presses to support our assembled components range from 100 tons to 1,800 tons.

  • Blanking - rough shape taken from coil steel.
  • Progressive - dies with many operations (typically used for small parts)
  • Transfer - systems that move the steel blank from one die station to another
  • Compound - dies that preform an operation in a single stroke
  • Complete metal forming capabilities