Providing metal forming solutions and assembled products to manufacturing since 1970

Select Industries has grown to become a world class metal forming manufacturer supplying stampings and welded sub-assemblies to many diversified industries. Select's engineering, design and tooling capabilities allow the company to work with organizations from concept through production. With forty years of experience, Select provides quality components and assemblies meeting the requirements of many industry's largest manufacturers. Founded on the value of customer satisfaction, confidence and credibility, Select Industries, centrally located at the crossroads of America, has an international reputation for quality workmanship. Today this unique foundation is stronger than ever serving the automotive, alternative energy, leisure products and housing industries.

At Select Industries, our goal is to apply the best available technology with our many years of mass volume stamping, to assure consistent quality and superior products. Significant investments in plant and equipment have continuously upgraded our production metal stamping capacities. Our state of the art metal forming and joining technologies positions Select as a preferred provider of engineered parts to the top manufacturers and assemblers in North America and the world.

Select Industries specializes in supplying superior quality components and assemblies to OEM's, contract manufacturers, Tier 1 suppliers and many other high volume users. Being an advanced metal forming supplier, we offer a wide variety of assemblies and components for our customers. With the ability to custom design parts for special needs, Select can meet many special requirements. If you demand a high quality, low cost, high volume component, we have the world class capabilities. Our unique parts and assemblies development process often minimizes material usage, processing time and capital requirements. As a trusted supplier to many OEM manufacturers in the USA, we have established our capability of adding value to metal to serve a wide array of industries.
Select Industries Corporation is one of the foremost American manufacturers providing robotic welding solutions for fabricating components for major U.S. companies. In business since 1970, the company's expertise in design, manufacture and robotic welding for Tier 1 parts is renowned. With our comprehensive array of robotic welding equipment, we provide enhanced quality, productivity and cost effectiveness in component automation. This welding technology assists Select in manufacturing a number of different components for automobiles, trucks and construction equipment. Although we have earned an exemplary reputation in the automotive industry our experience and knowledge has allowed us to provide metal solutions to other major industries such as leisure products and alternative energy. Select believes that thorough planning and engineering are crucial to the final welding results customers expect from us. Nothing short of total satisfaction is acceptable.

For almost forty years, Select has been a world class manufacturer of metal stamped, welded components and assemblies. Our expertise includes the following:
  • Four assembly, stamping and manufacturing facilities with more than 250,000 square feet with capacity to produce more than One million production parts every month from more than 500,000 pounds of steel!
  • Complete metal forming capabilities
  • Press capacities of 20 to 1,600 ton
  • Progressive and transfer dies
  • Tube bending capabilities
  • Robotic welding, Tog-L-Lock and riveting
  • Value Added and Sub-Assemblies
  • Resistance welding expertise
  • Dynamic balancing
  • Washing and Vibratory Deburring capabilities
  • Design and build of production tooling, special machines and weld fixtures

Progressive Presses
Tonnage Model
1600 Verson
400 Minster
500 Verson
1000 Verson
121 Seyi-Sutherland
176 Seyi-Sutherland
220 Seyi-Sutherland
275 Seyi-Sutherland

Hydraulic Secondary Presses
Tonnage Model
40 Neff
100 Neff
Mech. Secondary Presses
Tonnage Model
100 Danly

Resistance Welder's
KVA Model

Part Washer's
Belt Size Model
36" wide belt Ransohoff
12" wide belt Iverson

Select Industries is a supplier of Production Metal Stampings, Components and parts and Welded Assemblies for many diverse industries worldwide.
Select is a leader in our core business of adding value to metal. Our success has been achieved by leveraging our specific niches of expertise to develop new products and processes to meet the needs of our customers and markets. This strategy has allowed us to grow into new markets. The breadth and depth of our metal forming business allows us to offer our clients an array of products from a single vendor. We continually look for new opportunities and feel we are positioned to provide customers with quality and timely products.

At Select Industries, quality begins with the initial concept of the project. Our Program Management Team assures that our products are made to your specifications. Our processes are controlled from the initial program start through final inspection and shipment. We recognize that our total quality management is paramount in providing high volume stampings and assemblies to meet your stringent requirements.

Our quality management system is structured to be compliant with
ISO 14001:2004

Our quality certification is
 ISO/TS 16949:2009

QC Equipment
2 Zeiss "Eclipse" Coordinate Measuring Machine
1 Brown & Sharpe "Xcel" Coordinate Measuring Machine
1 Versitron Rockwell Tester

Select features a full-service engineering department with the following resources:
  • CAD Systems, Solid Edge V21 and NX5, Pro E, Unigraphics, Solid Works, Fast Blank, DynaForm, AutoCad
  • CMM's (2) Zeiss, Brown & Sharp
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Concept engineering for dies and products

Select Industries is committed to meeting and exceeding customer requirements through the use of professional engineering, program management and the measurement of performance against established objectives. Select emphasizes continuing improvement management systems in terms of design, quality, delivery, cost improvement and technology.
  • AIAG : APQP - Advanced Product Quality Planning and Control Plan
  • Total Management from Inception to Completion
  • PLM - Product Life Cycle Management
  • Single Point Contact for Continuous Customer Support
  • Design : Gage : Tooling Readiness

Our teams of design and engineering professionals employ the latest modeling and simulation techniques, making rapid prototyping delivery. This allows more time for thorough analysis and evaluation early in the design process. Hard prototypes can be produced quickly and efficiently supporting your program's launch objectives. With almost no delay, you can refine your designs to debug and enhance your product's performance. This professional prototyping service sets the stage for shorter ramp up for seamless mass volume production.

Select was established in 1970 and has grown in the past 40 years to be a 40 million dollar company employing 200 associates in its 4 Dayton plants. Structured as a contract manufacturer, Select's capabilities include the design and production of both progressive complete and transfer metal stamping dies and the assemblies and tooling for over 52 automotive and non-automotive customers. Select is ISO9001/QS-9000 certified and is committed to providing world-class products to its customers through 100% on-time delivery, customer satisfaction and continuous improvement. All of this success did not happen over night, so we asked Bob Whited, founder/CEO, to tell us.

The Story Behind Select Industries Corp.

Bob Whited, born and raised in the City of Dayton, describes the history of Select Tool and Die Corp., which was founded some (40) years ago. The business was started in a 2,500 square foot basement located under a bar and beauty shop on the corner of Patterson Road and Woodman Drive.

Although to understand a little more about Select Industries we should start about ten years earlier, in 1960. This was the year that I was fortunate enough to land a job at the International Tool Company. Out of high school, not college material, married early, and always wanting to be a tool and die maker like my father would be proud of (he was a master tool and die maker), this opportunity was the best thing that could have happened to me. ITCO was well respected in our industry and had a great reputation for training. After a short period of time, doing everything nobody else wanted to do, I was accepted into their tool and die apprenticeship program. This training program was invaluable, and shortly thereafter I was offered two years of hands on training in their tool design and engineering department. A few years later, I was asked to relocate to one of their affiliate companies in Gadsden, Alabama. A complete book could be written on this part of my life, which more than anything helped me to prepare for my future with Select.

Ok, back to the basement.
In 1970, things were going very well and by November of 1972, Select had outgrown this site. In our search for a larger site, we found a 10,000 square foot area in the old naval reserve building at 1222 East Third Street; Dayton, Ohio. At the time, this building was owned by the very known Mayor Dave Hall and family. Mayor Hall had agreed (with a memo and handshake) to lease us this space with the option to purchase after we got our feet on the ground. After his untimely death several years later, we received a call from his family that they had found the Mayors handwritten note and advised us they would uphold his commitments if we wished. Needless to say, we purchased the property, which allowed us to continue our growth and expansion.

Grow we did, and by 1987 we were going strong with over (100) associates. All of these great people worked hard to establish Select Industries while servicing many of our large and small customers in and around the tri-state area. Everything was going extremely well at Select Industries until the fall of 1987. On October 17, 1987, the summer was over and an early winter was settling into the Miami Valley. My best guess is that evening when we started changing over the heating systems something mechanically went wrong and started what turned out to be a devastating fire. During that fire all was lost, all but our spirit and desire. The next morning, to our surprise, in the smoking rubble we were greeted by our city leaders, our partners at Bank One, and owners of most of the tool and die shops in the area. Our city stepped up and offered to help find a roof for over our head, Bank One executives talked to our people (from the bed of a pickup truck in our parking lot) and assured them they would support us financially, and the tool and die owners (our competitors) offered to help us save our customers by helping us rebuild our work in progress. After a few hectic weeks and with much help from the City of Dayton we located a facility in North Dayton on Heid Avenue. This launched the massive task for rebuilding (18) years of hard work. Along with rebuilding our plant, we started our expansion into stamping and finished assemblies. Our tooling experience proved invaluable in this expansion and growth came rapidly. Over the next (13) years from 1987 through 2000, Select Industries exceeded employment levels of (400) within our city and many jobs outside the city.

         Plant 1 - 40,000 sq. ft.                       Plant 2 - 78,000 sq. ft.                      Plant 3 - 58,000 sq. ft.                 Plant 4 - 70,000 sq. ft.

Now as Select Industries starts into the 21st Century, we find ourselves, along with most other suppliers in our industry facing the next challenge, "price pressures". Not only from competition on the home front but also from across the ocean. To face this latest challenge we revisited our business plan and decided we must meet this challenge head on. Our strategy as we move forward is to form stronger affiliate company relationships, and at the same time strengthen and expand our technology, with a strong focus on engineering, designing and building of tooling, and related machinery and equipment.

For us to launch these robust plans our analysis showed we must have the proper facility in the proper location. This is where the City of Dayton and the Tool Valley Network came into our plans. Working with the City of Dayton Economic Development Team has given us the opportunity to relocate two of our plants from outside the city to the Tool Town industrial park at Route 4 and Webster Street. This added approximately (100) jobs for Select Industries and our affiliate companies and allows us to continue to set and achieve company goals, meet customer business needs while giving back to our industry and our city.

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