Select Industries has grown to become a world class metal forming manufacturer, supplying stampings and welded sub-assemblies to many diversified industries. Select's engineering, design, and tooling capabilities allow the company to work with organizations from concept through production. With forty years of experience, Select provides quality components and assemblies meeting the requirements of many industry's largest manufacturers. We are founded on the values of customer satisfaction, confidence, and credibility. Select Industries is centrally located at the crossroads of America and has an international reputation for quality workmanship. Today this unique foundation is stronger than ever serving the automotive, alternative energy, leisure products, and housing industries.


 We understand that quality control and consistent delivery are essential components of your daily operation. This fundamental requirement is at the core of our operation also - we get it! Customer satisfaction is the driving force in our operation and our promise from the first meeting to your required ship date.


From humble beginnings we are approaching five decades in business. Select has grown into a world class supplier, manufacturing products, assemblies, and components for a diverse global customer base. Our roots in the automotive industry have allowed us to become lean and aggressive as we drive value into our customer’s products.


Select is “flexible”. Localization is always a consideration both nationally and internationally. Our location at the crossroads of America is certainly an advantage. Customers face logistic demands and "location, location, location" is paramount to insuring the best value possible. Our first adventure dates back to the 1980’s. We were one of the first to support customer moves into Mexico.